Ratings are opinions regarding the company’s capacity to fully settle its financial obligations in a timely manner. These opinions are issued by risk ratings agencies through grades that indicated higher or lower risk of default. These grades are a combination of letters, numbers (in some cases) and mathematical operators.

Below, we show the key information issued by ratings agencies that have evaluated BRB, both on the national and international scales.



Brazil National Scale LT: brAA

Brazil National Scale ST: brA-1+

Foreign Currency LT: B+

Foreign Currency ST: B

Analysis Report (Portuguese only)


Fitch Ratings

Local currency long term rating: A+(bra)

Local currency short term rating: F1(bra)

Global Rating Long Term: BB-

Global Rating Short Term: B

Analysis Report (Portuguese only)

Perspectives Report (Portuguese only)



RISKbank Index: 9.84

RISKbank Report (Potuguese only)