To Banco de Brasília, sustainability is expressed in an ethical, transparent and responsible management in all its relationships, in order to improve the socio-environmental conditions in all the sectors it operates.

In order to motivate education, culture, sports, environmental protection and social improvement of the communities in which it operates, the Conglomerate BRB through the BRB Institute, reactivated in 2017, aims at sustainable models that promote the quality of life in addition to combining and formalizing the social practices performed by the entire BRB Group and other entities maintaining legal relationship.

The BRB Institute aims to transform the ambition of social entrepreneurs into reality, and carries in its DNA the appreciation of diversity, the promotion of social actions, respect for others and the environment. From this intention arises the opportunity to support those who, guided by a good idea, become the hope of building a more integrated and sustainable society.

The BRB Institute is a non-profit entity, with administrative and financial autonomy, of a legal nature under private law, and its activities and operation are ruled by its Bylaws. In compliance with the resolution of its founding member, BRB – Banco de Brasília S.A, and the member companies of the Conglomerate, it is responsible on searching for sustainable models that promote regional development in the Midwest.

Sustainability actions are concentrated primarily in the Midwest, through the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs, projects and other governmental and non-governmental initiatives, searching, as a basic principle, benefits to all segments of society.

Integrated Reporting*

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